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I would like to introduce you to some of the prettiest, sweetest, most loving, and healthiest Toy, Tiny Toy and T-Cup 
Puppies,you will find anywhere.

I started raising these little balls of fur in 1989 because I loved the breed.
I have tried to raise nice quality, sturdy, yet small well adjusted little Poodles; they are raised in my home and handled every day from the moment they are born.

The Toy Poodle’s intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness 
Just makes them the perfect family companion.  They will be happy playing with their toys, sitting in your lap quietly, sleeping in your bed, under the cover as well.  My Toy Poodle babies love to ride in the car and are always ready to go when the door opens.

Their tiny size makes them perfect for carrying in you arm or purse and will happily do what ever you want them to.

Many people think they must have a female, that they make a better pet, this is a misconception.  
Males are loyal, so loving and not nearly as independent as the girls.  If neutered by 5 mo. old rarely even raise their leg to go to the bath room instead most of the time they go just like a little girl.
Boys look adorable with bows in their hair, and there are so many cute boy clothes for them to wear.  You can dress them up just like you do the little girls.
 I have found boys also housebreak earlier than the girls.

This is just a little of my experience with my own Tiny Poodles, and the ones I have raised all these years.
I do hope I have given you some things to think about and you can better understand my love for this breed and my little darlings.

I do reserve the right to adjust the price of my puppies as they develope, 
If I feel the puppy is developeing differently than I had earlier expected.
After a deposit is made on one of  my puppy, the price is sealed at time of deposit.


Little Poodle Puppies 
Are so much Fun and Enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy browsing,
 and you find a baby that steals your heart.

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Ginger X  Dalton

DOB: 03 -04-14

Little Cream Female Toy Poodle
is so Adorable and just as Sweet and Playful  as can be.
This will be a small Toy.
She will come to you  Limited AKC Reg.     
$ 1000.           

Chocolate Male T-Cup Toy Poodle
Cream Colored Toy Poodle Female
Toy Poodle Chocolate Male
Brown Toy Poodle Puppy For Sale   Velvet Touch Bloodlines

Chocolate  Female Toy Poodle  Puppy
Black T Cup Toy Poodle Female For Sale
Black T Cup Poodle Female Puppy For Sale.
T Cup Poodle Puppy For Sale

Toy Poodle Chocolate Male
Brown Toy Poodle Female  Puppy For Sale
Beautiful True Chocolate Female
Toy Poodle Puppy
DOB 2-12-14
Ready  to go home 
with you and make your life  so Happy!
Toy Poodle Chocolate Male
Cream Female Toy Poodle  Puppy
Cream Female Toy Poodle  Puppy
Cream Female Toy Poodle  Puppy